Apryl Miller, the Executive Director of LRP, explains how proposed changes to USDA-APHIS regulations and the Lacey Act may do more harm than good in this article in the peer-reviewed IAABC Journal from 2022. 

This article looks at the legal foundations of the proposed amendments to the Lacey Act, which may prevent parrot caregivers from taking their birds across state lines for medical or behavior help. In addition, Apryl discusses the potential difficulties posed by the new USDA-APHIS regulations, which will put an undue strain on avian veterinary professionals. 

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There is a stay on the Animal Welfare Act regulations until April 7th, 2023. At that time the court will decide whether the regulations as written will meet the terms of the lawsuit. These regulations have already inspired many questions, so please check our FaceBook page for the most recent Q&A.

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