Legislative Rights for Parrots is a group of individuals with the common goal of protecting and improving the overall welfare of parrots and other pet birds. We pursue this goal via the avenues of education, coordination with parrot rescues, and working with legislators on appropriate legal protections for our feathered friends. LRP board members have flown around the country to seek the input of parrot rescues on our proposed Standard of Care for Pet Birds.  



LRP is a nonpartisan group whose only political agenda is the best interest of parrots and pet birds. 


Our Goals:

  • Prompt responsible parrot ownership through education.
  • Ensure a proper Standard of Care for parrot rescues and provide assistance for responsible rescues.
  • Propose bills that outline a minimum Standard of Care and amend animal cruelty laws to include parrots and pet birds.
  • Work with legislators and law enforcement to cease the smuggling of birds in and out of the United States.

We are Not:

  • Paid by Anyone – The LRP members and executive board volunteer their time.
  • A Policing Agency – LRP is not affiliated with law enforcement or animal control.
  • Controlled by a Political Party – LRP is a nonpartisan group, with no official political affiliation.
  • “Coming For” Your Birds – As parrot owners, our goals are all in support of happy, healthy coexistence between parrots and people.




Apryl Miller

Executive Director

Apryl Miller JD, BS, is the Executive Director of Legislative Rights for Parrots.  She has a Juris Doctorate, a BS in History, and an AA in Interpreting for the Deaf. She uses her extensive knowledge of legislative law to help craft the proposals for LRP and direct volunteer efforts to educate legislators on why the laws need to be carefully amended to better protect both parrots and their caretakers. Apryl and her husband maintain a flock of fifteen survivor parrots ranging from Lovebirds to Macaws. They also have three geriatric cats. When not working to help parrots, or spending time with her large feathered and furry family, Apryl can be found researching genealogy or advocating for others who, like her, have autoimmune diseases.

Rachel Thompson

Assistant Executive Director

Rachel Thompson brings her skills as a writer, editor, and designer with a background in technology, marketing, and public relations to the role of Assistant Executive Director for Legislative Rights for Parrots.

Though not a parrot owner herself, she has a lifelong love for animals of all types, enjoys a challenge, and loves the chance to learn new things. Sharing information in clear, intuitive, and engaging ways is one of her passions, which she is pleased to apply to helping the parrot community work together for the benefit of birds and their caretakers.

Stacey Havlin

Director of Outreach Services

Stacey Havlin is our Director of Outreach Services, because she believes that it takes everyone working together to do better. She met her first parrot, a crimson conure, in 2015 and instantly fell in love. Determined to learn all she could about her new friend, she quickly realized that there were many of these sensitive, intelligent birds in desperate need of rescue. Stacey has spent years assisting rescues and educating the public about parrots and their needs. Her focus within Legislative Rights for Parrots is organizing volunteer campaigns and acting as liaison to parrot rescues for the purposes of education and coordination.

Ben Wilson

Director of Finance


Deidra “Raven” Wilson



Kit Rose

Director of Social Media


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