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At LRP, we seek to educate the public on the realities of parrot ownership as well as why it is vital to have appropriate laws in place to protect these intelligent and sensitive animals from abuse, neglect, and illegal trafficking.


Education for parrot owners, rescuers, and legislators is crucial to the wellbeing of these clever birds. When provided with appropriate mental stimulation, space to move and fly safely, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and foraging activities, these birds can enjoy long and prosperous lives while bringing companionship and entertainment to their owners. 

Legislation that enforces proper standards of care supports our goal of ensuring that all those caring for parrots truly understand the birds' needs and provide for them. In order to draft and enact bills that adequately address the complexities of parrot care, we need your help!

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Help coordinate efforts to improve the legal protections for parrots in your state.


Support our efforts to improve the lives of parrots through education and legislation.

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No laws to protect parrots in your state?

You can propose one! We can show you how.

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Animal Welfare Act Changes Suspended Until April 7

There is a stay on the AWA regulations until April 7th. At that time the court will decide whether the regulations as written will meet the terms of the lawsuit. These regulations have already inspired many questions, so please check our FaceBook page for the most recent Q&A. We encourage you to Contact Us if you have questions not already addressed; we'll do our best to get answers for you!

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Minor Lacey Act Win; Bad Amendments Still a Danger

Though the dangerous amendments to the Lacey Act hidden in the America COMPETES Act were removed from the bill package recently passed by Congress, this does not stop the supporters of these changes from applying them to other bills in the future. Parrots still need your help!

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Parrots Need You! The Lacey Act and USDA-APHIS

Apryl Miller, Executive Director of LRP, explains how proposed changes to USDA-APHIS regulations and the Lacey Act may do more harm than good in this article in the peer-reviewed IAABC Journal.

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Stop The Culling - Madrid Exterminating Imported Parrots

Authorities of some Spanish cities have decided to exterminate parrots that have settled in their country. The methods used by them are provoking public protests. Citizens are demanding an ethical control of urban populations with respect to birds’ lives.

Did You Know?

Bust of Alexander the Great, Reptonix free Creative Commons licensed photos, CC BY 3.0

Parrots have been kept as pets for centuries! Alexander the Great brought pet parrots from India to Greece. The history of companion parrots in Brazil goes back 5,000 years! You can find more information about caring for parrots under Education.

Reviewing the Laws

Do you know how the laws in your area define pet birds and the legal requirements of providing care for them? Are you curious about how these laws might affect you? Visit our Understanding U.S. Law section to learn more.

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