What Issues Currently Impact the Welfare of Parrots?

Proposed changes to the Lacey Act and USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service pose serious challenges to parrot owners and rescues by making it more difficult to acquire necessary care. Learning how these laws affect you can help you protect yourself and your bird.

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How Can I Understand the Laws that Affect Parrot Ownership? 

It’s important to know what the current local and federal laws require of you in terms of care and housing of your feathered friends. While laws differ considerably by area, we can help you understand how to read these statutes and how laws are enacted or amended.

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What types of Diseases Are Parrots Prone To?

While Avian Flu is one of the more commonly known diseases to affect parrots, there are several other serious illnesses that require prompt treatment and/or quarantine of affected birds. Regular veterinary care and home disease testing can help with early detection.

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How Can I Tell if a Parrot Is in a Healthy Environment?

Assessing the health and overall well-being of any animal can be tricky. The Five Domains model is a widely used tool for evaluating the welfare of an animal or group of animals that focuses on how the interaction of factors like diet, health, behavioral outlets, and environment can influence mental well-being.  

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Is it true that Parrots Need Entertainment?

Parrots are highly intelligent birds prone to behavioral issues when bored. A parrot’s mental state can have a profound effect on their overall health. What they need is enrichment: an environment with a variety of interesting objects to manipulate, positive social interaction, and opportunities to exercise!

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In what ways can Parrots Help People?

Parrots are intelligent, long-lived companions who provide many benefits to their owners and others. Parrots can act as emotional support animals either for individuals or in Veteran outreach programs. Some parrots have even saved lives by alerting their owners to dangers at home!

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