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Have you seen a bad situation where a bird was residing?  It could be at a rescue, a pet shop or a private home.  Our goal is to empower people to make a difference in a bird's life.  Please contact us for advice and education to help. Again, we support bird ownership and want to see birds remain in their homes.   Do you want to find out how you can help us?  See below:


Parrots in a less than ideal situation

Parrots are complex creatures.  They need proper lighting, hours of sleep, proper diet and much social interaction.  Do you feel a parrot  is neglected?  Please contact us.

24 hour crisis line​​:  304-261-4478

Located in Nevada, our time may be different than yours.  Please consider this when calling.  We will get back to you ASAP!  If you have questions about proper parrot care or have concerns, do NOT HESITATE to contact us!

Support our non-profit with your skills to improve the lives of parrots

Everyone has a skill.  Some of us are exceptional at networking, others are good at collecting signatures, while others have a keen eye for concerns where a parrot resides.  We all need to help our feathered friends.  How can you help?  Are you good with fundraising, contacting people, sending out thank you notes, etc?  

Crisis intervention



Do you have experience providing care and love for a parrot?  Would you like to educate others?  If so, join our team.  We would love to create a community outreach page for new parrot owners with questions whereby you can help them!




Would you like to make a difference for parrots' lives?  Many new parrot owners don't know what to expect.  And state laws don't ensure a quality of life for parrots.  Become a resource for your local community and help support legislation that requires inspections and proper care of domestic parrots in rescues and breeder programs.

What Birds Need

Many people worry that they are over-reacting.  If your instinct says something is not okay, then it's NOT OKAY!    In general, parrots need the following:

  • Large enough cage for wingspan and movement

  • Time outside of the cage and natural sunlight when available

  • A diet that consists of pellets and a veggie fruit mix, depending on the type of parrot. If the bird is only eating seed and peanuts, that is not good!  It leads to liver disease and behavioral issues such as aggression and feather plucking

  • Some birds have a proper diet, cage and interaction yet pluck.  Ask the owner questions.  If they need education to help with the issue, we can try to help.  There is no scientific evidence for why birds pluck.  I can be due to hours of sleep, diet, boredom, and simply being a pet bird. 

  • If the bird hasn't been tested for diseases we can provide resources for testing.  Every bird should be tested for disease, especially if the owner wants another parrot.

  • Is there another activity causing the bird stress?  Is there too much activity with kids or not enough interaction?  Birds are that sensitive.  If I am staying up late at night to watch a movie, I place my macaw in another dark bedroom so she can get her zzzzs.

  • There are many other considerations when deciding if a parrot is in it's ideal environment.  Contact us with questions.  We are here to help!

If we deem a situation is dire, we do not hesitate to make the proper connections with authorities for the best interest of parrots.  We may require pictures, a timeline, and other information before calling into authorities to inspect the conditions. If the facility is a private home, it may be tough to get in.  If the concern is with a rescue or a breeder's facility, then more may be accomplished to check that the parrots are well taken care of.  In any case, contact us!  We are here to help you help parrots.  In April 2019, we donated 750.00 to a sanctuary.  Any time we an financially help a reputable rescue or parrot owner, we step up to the plate.

Navigation of legal system

Each state is different in rules and regulations for parrot rescues and other parrot facilities.  For example, while one state may allow the judge to look at facts, another state requires a jury to decide.  This is why we are supporting people who care for parrots.  We need to catch up the U.S. state laws to meet healthful requirements for parrots like they do for dogs and cats.  No one should have to fear doing the right thing by calling authorities for potential parrot care concerns.  That is why our organization is here!

Crisis intervention and advocacy services for avian victims 

With laws and regulations treating parrots as property, there isn't a whole lot we can do for domestic violence situations unless a veterinarian is involved.   Because parrots can become witnesses to crimes, such as drug dealing, murders and child/adult abuse, protecting parrots as witnesses in extremely important.  Currently, there are legal groups working on allowing parrots to "testify" for criminal activity.  If you know of a parrot in need of protection, please contact us to secure the parrot's safety.



Our organization believes that parrots should exist in the wild.  Nonetheless, humans have acquired them in their homes.  We don't argue whether wings should be clipped or not.  Birds should be free to fly but in a human environment there are many dangers such as ceiling fans, stoves, etc.  Our discussions or workshops would like to focus on the needs of parrots in a domestic environment.  Would you like to educate others on parrot ownership in their home?  If so, contact us!  Otherwise, Legislative Rights for Parrots will provide links to educational information for parrot owners to peruse.

Safety planning

Safety planning can go many ways as a parrot owner.  Your concerns can lead towards how to temporarily place your parrot during natural disasters, where to place your bird during a divorce, or how to save up funds for your long-time parrot companion during financial hardships.  First, we suggest a plan of where you will go if you live in an area sensitive to natural disasters. For issues concerning divorce, where will your parrot be the happiest and who can financially provide for him/her?  Third, there are times where employment is scarce or you are having health issues.  Always plan for these scenarios for your bird to help him/her transition in difficult times.  We can provide emotional support to you and your bird. 

Information, education and referral

Due to the importance of our work, Legislative Rights for Parrots networks with REPUTABLE rescues.  We seek opportunities for fundraising to help out these rescues and provide financial assistance in legislative work.  After we have made changes to laws in states, our goal is to create grants to help parrot owners with parrot health bills.    Until then, we seek to visit the elderly facilities for fun and provide educational events for the young teaching them about the responsibilities as a parrot owner.