There is a great deal of evidence that pet ownership in general is good for a person's health. Pets provide companionship and social interaction, help lower stress, and fulfill our basic need to nurture others. Parrot ownership has unique benefits and challenges compared to owning cats, dogs, or even other types of exotic pets. At Legislative Rights for Parrots, we firmly believe that no pet should be adopted without proper research so that you, the new owner, can make an informed choice free of future regrets.


While we can't provide every bit of information that you'll need to bring a new parrot home, we would like to present some of the factors a prospective parrot owner should consider.


The relatively long lifespans of parrots can be both a benefit and a potential challenge for new owners. It is important to research the species of bird one is considering adopting, as average lifespans can range from 20 to 50 years or longer. A general guideline is that the larger the species, the longer their average lifespan. This can be wonderful for someone wishing to adopt a pet to keep them company for many decades. However, older individuals may want to consider parrots with shorter lifespans, or else make arrangements in advance for the possibility that the parrot may outlive the owner. 

Average lifespans of some common pet parrot species: