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A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a document that outlines an agreement between two parties. While not legally binding like a formal contract, it allows mutual expectations to be clearly stated before entering into a working relationship. This particular MOU is designed for bird rescues who take in and care for birds seized by law enforcement due to criminal activity. For your convenience, we have provided a printable PDF as well.


Memorandum of Understanding for Rescues

Memorandum of Understanding


Governmental Authorities and Pet Bird Rescues

This agreement shall remain valid from 

(Month, day, year) ___________________________ to (Month, day, year) ___________________________

This agreement outlines communication for pet birds in need including but not limited to potential abuse, neglect, or smuggling.  This MOU agrees that:

       1.  Governmental Authorities to contact the signed rescue(s) for appropriate services including but not limited to providing

            professional observation and assessment of circumstances and taking in birds for emergency and non-emergency

            purposes, providing first aid care and offer to take the pet bird(s) to veterinary services.

       2.  To allow the rescue to house and provide for the bird(s) properly during confiscation, litigation or other purposes.

The rescue(s) providing such services agree to:

       1.  Maintain proper care for the bird(s) while in their care and remain temporary sole custody during the period of investigation

            or litigation.

       2.  Collect written documentation on the care of the bird(s) on site and veterinary care services when provided.


      3.  Hold harmless Governmental Authorities for any processing of paperwork including the location where the bird(s)

           temporarily reside(s).


Both Governmental Authorities and Rescue(s) agree:

       1.  Collaboration on records for the best interest of the bird(s) and for court purposes.

       2.  Promptly resolve communication difficulties within 72 hours.

       3.  Obey state and federal laws.

       4.  Follow confidentiality regulations for the information pertaining to clients

       5.  Rescues allowing Governmental Authorities in their rescue or volunteer home location where the bird(s) temporarily reside.

       6.  Re-homing of the bird is only allowed through written consent of the Governing Authority such as courts or the owner of said bird(s).

       7.  Rescue(s) may require cost for the bird(s) care prior to relinquishment of said bird(s) to owner paid in full.

Government Authority: ____________________________         Date: ____________

Rescue Rep: ______________________________________         Date: ___________

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