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Here are some links to get you started!  We hope our research helps you in your endeavors helping parrots!  Please remember, whenever using other sources, ask for permission to use their material or for using their photography in your work.  Cover your legal bases!

Here is a great link about how to ensure you are supporting parrots and not just giving money away to a "rescue" that is a flipper or hoarder:

The Intelligence of Parrots:


Links about using a parrot in testimony below.

The bird could not be sworn in as stated in the following article:

Smuggling of birds see below:

Be advised that some of the photos in the articles may be disturbing.  CITES is an international organization that is working diligently on catching smugglers.  While this is occurring, our focus is on improving Federal, State and local laws that protect the birds that are already in the U.S.  Nonetheless, this gives you an idea of how these birds are coming in, how much they are worth to a seller and because of this greed, rescues are over capacity helping these birds in need.   We support organizations who work towards catching smugglers.


Bird Rescues in Need:


Legislation on Animal Rights links:


Some of the links within the above site are no longer working, but some are.