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On July 28, 2022, Congress passed a “CHIPS-Plus” bill that includes some of the technology initiatives included in the America COMPETES Act, USICA, and other bills. Portions of the  COMPETES Act that were not relevant to the intent of the bill (which was innovation, research, and improving the technological competitiveness of the United States) were not added to the CHIPS-Plus package. The potentially dangerous amendments to the Lacey Act were some of the items removed from the final CHIPS package that just passed.


While this should be the end of any threat from these Lacey Act amendments for this Congressional session, that does not mean that the danger has passed. The COMPETES Act has not been entirely dissolved, and until that happens, the remaining portions not covered by the CHIPS-Plus bill could still be advanced to the House.

Further, even if the COMPETES Act bill is removed from consideration, it only takes one legislator to start the whole conversation over again. We here at Legislative Rights for Parrots intend to remain vigilant and continue our campaign to educate our legislators on why these vaguely defined and broadly applied amendments to the Lacey Act will have serious, injurious impacts on the pet community and trade. 

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