Thank you for your interest in helping the lives of parrots.

LRP supports parrot ownership and welfare of parrots.  While other animals have some laws in place in each state, parrots need a voice.  As an exotic animal, they have specific needs.  In order to create balanced bill proposals, we need your help.  
OUR MISSION:  To create laws outlining a Standard of Care for rescues, pet stores, breeders and flippers to follow that meets the health, mental and physical needs of pet birds.  We are working on adding pet birds to the animal cruelty laws in each state.
Our organization is updating bill proposals now that USDA is required to set a minimum standard of care.  Please check out our Facebook Page for updates and understanding of the USDA proposal as well as the Lacey Act Amendment. 
Legislative Rights for Parrots supports parrot ownership and education while working with key stakeholders at the local, state, National and International Level to prevent inhumane treatment and illegal smuggling of birds.
Writing Bills to help animals is not as hard as you think.    Our board offers services to help write the bill for your state.  


Age 60

I acquired a bird from a domestic abuse home

Goliath, my cockatoo, is the love of my life!  My vet contacted me to take care of this abused bird from a domestic violence home.  Goliath had two broken wings and plucked from head to tail. Birds shouldn't have to endure this.  I support Legislative Rights for Parrots.




Age 44

Responded to a parrot rescue concern



Age 35

I aquired birds from a homeless drug abuser who used his birds for fundrasig to support his drug habit.  


The previous owner running a rescue contacted me for help.  He harassed me and my family. The birds were in dire need of medical care which I could give them.  Since I have acquired the birds, I have rehomed three of them and I am still working on the ones with behavioural issues.  They are now all healthy and off the streets. 

Jonathan, 17 


With proper education for new parrot owners, one will realize that owning a parrot means living a "parrot" lifestyle.  This means living with an intelligent animal yet acts like a two-year-old human for it's life.  Provide your parrot mental and environmental stimulation, space to move about (and fly safely), along with a nutritional diet, proper sleep, and foraging activities, your bird can live a long, prosperous, happy life.
You can track the history of when parrots became pets, even earlier than the birth of Christ.  For fun information on the history of pet parrots, please visit the link here.

Your donations helps support our bills and also supports rescues.  For 2019 our board has already donated over $4,400.00 to rescues and birds in need.

Why Legislation Matters

I was in search of another parrot to add to our family.  Living in Montana, there weren't any rescues.  I went to a nearby state to visit a rescue facility.  The conditions were deplorable.  I wrote letters of support to get the facility healthful foods for the parrots and gave a donation.  Nonetheless, the facility decided to sue me and four other volunteers.  We called animal control and they verified that the conditions were not acceptable.  I have had to spend over 5K in legal bills to protect myself for doing the right thing.  That's when I realized a need for an organization that supports people who support parrots.

I decided to help a local rescue and realized the parrots were in horrible conditions.  I went onto FaceBook and found others who wanted to help the owner of the rescue.  He was paranoid yet leaked to me concerns of disease spreading in the facility.  When I asked for disease testing results, none were to be had.  When I was there they parrots had dirty water, no toys and the food was mostly a seed diet.  The outside yard birds were treated better than the parrots.  Their toenails were overgrown and they were kept in too small of cages.  I had to do the right thing and report it to animal control who verified my findings. I wasn't the only volunteer who had concerns with the facility.