Facilities We Approve

Facilities We have Seen in Person 

Since late 2018 and 2019, LRP board members have driven or flown to rescues and sanctuaries.  What you see on a website may not be what is actually there.  We are here to find reputable facilities and share knowledge of those places.  Please visit our Standards of Care proposed bill.  This is what we follow to determine if they meet our minimum standards.  Most exceed our standards but some we have visited do not.  We can't legally tell you who is on the "black list" but we sure can tell you who we feel comfortable with for adoption or placement.  


States We have Visited

Our list is not in alphabetical order.  Once the list becomes lengthy, we will re-organize.  It is our mission to work on legislation while helping birds in need and educate the public.

We have seen the following facilities and recommend them:


Oasis:  https://the-oasis.org/

Ginger's Senegal Parrot Rescue: http://gingersparrots.org/

We visited another "rescue" that was visited at the same time for a complaint visit, and we agree that there were many issues.  Their name will not be posted here.  Issues we saw include:  Too many birds kept in one cage, no quarantine, selling a bird to a person and not educating them on how to bond with the bird, diet was not as variable as we would like to have seen.

North Carolina:

Companion Parrots (located inside Parrot University):  http://companionparrots.org/

Another rescue we were to visit had a human emergency so we missed seeing Marden's Ark.  Another rescue refuses anyone to come in but appears to have a good reputation among other rescues in the Charlotte, NC area. She wishes to remain unnamed.