Founder of Legislative Rights for Parrots

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I am the founder of Legislative Rights for Parrots.  I became involved with parrots at the age of 20.  I adopted three parrots and then fostered five more.  Realizing that birds are very social, I came to understand that I couldn't give them all the attention that they needed.  I rehomed my fosters after performing home inspections.  As a volunteer for a parrot rescue in Maryland, I performed home inspections, collected blood from birds for disease testing, and networked to collect donations to help our feathered friends.  Just recently, a volunteer contacted me about concerns at a rescue.  I was searching for a fourth parrot to add to our family.  There weren't any rescues in Montana so I drove to Utah looking for another parrot to adopt.


The conditions were just as bad as what the adolescent volunteer said.  As a health inspector for over 12 years and knowledgeable in parrot care, I knew what to look for.  I tried to help the nonprofit and provided free food and gave a donation.  Nonetheless, the facility did not improve.  Along with myself and four other volunteers, we called in a complaint to the animal control.  They verified our concerns while siting the facility for bigger issues such as seven animal cruelty charges.  Nonetheless, all the volunteers, as well as animal control, were sued for trying to do the right thing by wanting to improve conditions for the yard birds and parrots at this rescue.


This is how Legislative Rights for Parrots was born.  We support people who support animals.  As a health inspector, if a patron gets sick and they think it's from the last place they ate, we go out to investigate.  The restaurant owner does not sue the complainant for concerns.  So why would a rescue sue volunteers in which the volunteer complaints were found true?  


There are many humans who want to provide services for parrots but they do not have the physical or financial means to meet their needs.  There is not enough legislative rules and regulations in place to ensure that parrots in need are in healthful environments.  This is where Legislative Rights for Parrots comes in.  We are here to help educate new parrot owners, provide oversight for concerns for parrots where they are, and to ensure that rules and regulations allow people to safely address physical and mental health concerns for parrots.