OUR MISSION:    Improve laws in each  U.S. state that sets forth requirements for a duty of care supporting a Standard of Care for pet birds, adding pet birds to each state's animal cruelty and neglect laws, provide protection through a good Samaritan law while not infringing on the owner's rights, and provide support to organizations who work hard to prevent smuggling of illegal birds. 


Overall, we are supporting parrots and people who support parrots!  There are many reputable rescues and breeders but there also a handful of the same who are not reputable.  


Parrots are complex, social creatures that need proper housing, vet care, socialization, and need to remain busy!  A parrot is not an ideal animal for every family.  Owning parrots is not just owning an animal, it's a lifestyle. 


With over-breeding of parrots and unacknowledgeable owners, they end up in rescues.   Many breeders and rescues may not meet the basic needs of parrots. Our job is to create laws that protect parrots and support people who support parrots.  Some rescues are able to meet the space and food requirements like the Gabriel Foundation in Colorado, SOAR in Ohio and WAR in Wyoming.  On the other hand, some people take in parrots and are not able to care for them even though they are a registered 501 c 3 non-profit organization.  For those bird lovers who truly care about parrots, we realize a parrot is not a piece of property.  They have unique needs and many can outlive the owners.  We see parrot ownership as a lifestyle and a responsibility, unlike owning other pets who live for 10 to 15 years.  


Our organization is actively striving to create and amend existing laws in each state and county within each state.  With our communication with Federal veterinarians and Senators,  we will also reach Washington D.C. to create Federal laws that set basic requirements for bird care that do not fall under agricultural legislation.  



Our board is made up of non-paid volunteers who are spending countless hours researching their state Statutes, reviewing existing Federal laws, and identifying political figures who support bills that do not exist or need updating for the protection and care of pet birds.  We are even involved with Native Sovereign law to identify where birds are smuggled into the country through their territories in order to avoid any importation laws that currently exist at the Federal level.  


Would you like to participate and make a difference in your state?  If so, please email us at kacieconsulting@gmail.com.